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About Us

A Way of Life Fitness, LLC. was officially born on September 22, 2011.  Over the years, I have become very passionate about my health, personal fitness, and my overall quality of life.  While continuing my studies of the human body and how fitness plays a huge role in the longevity of life, people began to approach me for advice about their exercise regimens, eating habits, and overall care of their bodies. 

Hands-on experience eventually led me to training individuals on a one-on-one basis.  Upon receiving accredited Personal Training certifications through ACTION-NCCA & ACE and Cardio Fitness and Defense & Tactics Instructor certifications through PKSA Karate, I started my first sessions in personal training and cardio fitness courses.



I learned that living a full life demands discipline, healthy eating, and active living. These aspects became the founding principles of my “way of life” philosophy that I want to share with the world. People who are closest to me always ask, “Why do you put fitness into everything you do?”  I simply reply, “…because it feels good to be fit, life demands it, and so should you.”  A.W.O.L.F. seeks to be a catalyst in the way its clients live their lives, promoting clean eating, healthy activities, and a life of prosperity and longevity.


The sole purpose of our personal training services is to provide our clients with a comprehensible, affordable, and most of all, realistic exercise program.

Our programs are designed for each client and tailored to meet individual fitness goals.


Are you looking to sweat and feel worked from head-to-toe? Then our Cardio Fitness course is for you!

Cardio Fitness by A.W.O.L.F. combines boxing, kickboxing, step aerobics, and body weight calisthenics to provide an intense exercise exerperience that will challenge you and your fitness levels to go above and beyond your limits.


As a student of Tang Soo Do, under the order of Professional Karate Schools of America (PKSA), I've had the opportunity to train under some of the best martial artists in the business. Here lies the foundation of Self-Defense & Tactics Training by A.W.O.L.F. 

This course offers the fundamental basics of self-defense that can be used in everyday life to help protect yourself, as well as your family, and to avoid or defuse confrontation.

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