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A.W.O.L.F. has sought to help all of its clients with their weight loss and healthier way of living goals.  See what they had to say about their respective journeys and click on their number to see their respective results...


​"AWOLF's 'Earn Your Body' motto goes a long way"

I started with A.W.O.L.F. in February of 2012 and lost 30 lbs, 6 pant sizes, and gained muscle I didn't even know I had.  I am also known as one of A.W.O.L.F.'s most difficult client's because I simply did not believe I could achieve my results.  A.W.O.L.F. never let me give up on myself and I appreciated that aspect of training the most.  I never craved going to the gym and now, if I don't make it, I feel deprived.  A.W.O.L.F.'s program was just what I needed to get back into my cute clothes.  THANKS A.W.O.L.F.!    -Selena


Obese what??

​220 pounds. That’s what the scale said when I went to a routine checkup with my doctor. Seeing that number on the scale didn’t sit well with me. Apparently, it didn’t sit well with my doctor either. He made a point to write “obese” in my health chart. Obese.  Being somewhat short, I knew that I was carrying too much weight for my stature. Obese. The word offended me. I knew at that point, something needed to change.  AWOLF has helped me to invest in one of the most important things I could possibly invest in - my health. Making a small commitment twice a week: one for personal training and one to attend the cardio fitness class offered by AWOLF, I made great strides in many areas, including strength, endurance, and of course, weight loss. AWOLF pays attention to their clients and there isn't an “one size fits all” type of training.   Having a support system is motivating within itself. Those days you don’t feel like pushing yourself, you have that support system in your trainer that will continue to push you. I would highly recommend AWOLF.     - Candace


40 and FABULOUS!

I started training with AWOLF May 1, 2012, to date I have lost 30 pounds and dropped 3 pants sizes. More importantly, I can see my body transforming right before my eyes; toning and muscle definition.  What I love about AWOLF is the personal attention and dedication to your success. There was a time when my results had plateaued and before I could say anything my whole program was adjusted; which jump started my continued results.  AWOLF encourages and challenges you all at the same time while educating you on a healthier lifestyle. I can remember struggling to do a “real” push -up or jog ¼ of a mile when I started. Today, not only am I doing “real “ push-ups, but I can jog a mile in 12 minutes non- stop. My goal is to be 40 and fabulous, thanks to AWOLF, that’s now a very attainable goal!   - La Tonia​










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