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Alpha males and women...where are they? pt 2

To take the matter of discovering what happened to the Alpha males and females even further, one must dive deeper into the journey that has been called life for the African American race. Of course there are many directions in which the finger can be pointed; slavery, segregation, oppression, etc the list goes on, but that is not the point of this discussion. We all know our history and the trials and tribulations that our race has been through in this great "American nation". However that has been said and done and is still being "said" time and time again! A lot of talking and ifs! If things were equal, if slavery didn't happen, if this and if that, blah, blah, blah! Heard it, sick of hearing it, time for a new approach. With all of this talking very few (considering the number of African Americans there are in this country) courageous men and women have given their all as a sacrifice for the injustice that was imposed on our race in the past. Not many of us have the balls of Dr. King, Malcolm X, or Harriet Tubman who by the way probably had the biggest balls considering the things she did especially in the time that she did them. These are Alpha leaders of the past. The would be civil rights leaders of the present seem to be cartoonish at most with more political and financial motivation than anything else. That's all I got to say about that, back to my point. As stated in part 1, the buck starts with each and every one of us as individuals. Not to say that one of us has to try to be the next Malcolm or Harriet, but to say that we have to re-establish our core foundation. Majority of our race is not even ready for a great leader. This begins in every individual household with each parent, big brother and sister. It is time to instill the concept of the family hierarchy and purpose in the next generation of youngsters. It is time for our men to step up and be the alpha leader for his family. I know the traditional family setting is not always present in the modern day home, but the concept can still be employed. It may need to be tweaked to fit into each persons situation but with some effort by all key family members the seed can be planted. Some may argue that it cannot be done because some fathers are not in the house with the children, I disagree. We as adults make ways to do all the things that we desire when it comes to our personal fulfillment, yet when its something that calls for a real effort of putting aside pride, ego, emotions, or making a sacrifice for a greater good, all of a sudden all things are impossible. We are all victims of this at some point or another, myself included. We have become lazy in a sense when it comes to things that really matter. We are only worried about ourselves, here, and now. Tomorrow and our lost neighbor does not matter. We need to step it up! Brothers, young and old we need to step it up. Stop being cowards and running away from your responsibilities. Making babies and not helping raise them, not taking advantage of the opportunities available and creating a financial and moral foundation, blaming "the man"(who ever the hell that is) for all of your life's afflictions. This what the young boys see, this is what they mimic. You don't have to be in the house hold with a young man to have a major impact in teaching him how to be a man, been there done that. It takeseffort and a little bit of sacrifice for the greater good.We need to step it up! Sisters...step it up for the next generation so there will not be anymore single mothers. I know you didn't become a single mother on your own, but we need to change our ways. My beautiful black women, you have the most powerful asset in the world. Chose wisely who you let in your life and take life altering chances with. A friend of mine once said to me, "why do single mothers act like they supposed to get an award for being a single mother on fathers day? That was a decision they chose to make with someone they probably shouldn't have made it with and was not married to (for the most part)." It made me think.We need to step it up! Brothers and sisters, I believe that a key to us stepping it up is us finding our sense of self-respect. With self-respect comes a multitude of other foundation building characteristics; discipline, obedience, honesty, and courage to just name a few. However, the greatest benefit of having self-respect is that you will demand respect from others. that's what the hierarchy is about that is why Big Momma and Papa ruled with iron fists. They were respected by their peers, siblings, off-spring, and by those they came in contact with. Their aura demanded it, their swagger would accept nothing less. They put forth the effort to be Alphas, and lead by example.The world... no correction this country will not take us serious until we step it up.Effort is what it takes. It is hard to take a 35 year old man serious when he has pants sagging below his butt, the person he admires the most in the world is Jay-Z, and every other word he says is a curse word or "know what I'm saying". Not "I" don't! Neither does anyone else. (A topic for another day)Only the Strong Survive, The Ghost

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