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There is a fountain of youth!

I was at the gym yesterday and had a pretty decent workout, considering that I only made it to the gym three times this week and was feeling a bit guilty and unmotivated. There are a lot of people that are always looking for ways to reinvent themselves, or look and feel younger. I have the answer, its called regular exercise and proper diet! I am telling you, in my opinion the gym is the fountain of youth. I workout at one of the Metro Detroit Powerhouse gyms. Each day that I go in I am instantly glad that I went. Sometimes I just don't feel like it but once I force myself out of the bed, out of the house, to the car, out of the car, through the doors of the gym, to the treadmill I am glad that I went.I have meet some people at the gym who has inspired me to enhance my focus on my health and fitness. There are some guys in their 40's, 50's, and 60's that can run circles around most of these young dudes. When I found out some of their ages I said wow! most of them I was guessing 10 years younger than they were. Strong as an ox, with stamina. can get on a cardio machine and go! I never hear any of them complaining about something hurting either. Little do they know they are my motivation.Young ladies this message is for you!!!!!! I have meet some women in their mid-late 30's, 40's, even 50's that are putting most if not all of the young women out here to shame! A couple of moments when they say their age, I have been like you are how old? They repeat it and all I could think is DAAAAMMNNN!!!!! The cougars as they have been titled are out there! I prefer to call them female tigers (tigress)! It sounds more sexy than cougar. They are out there and ready and got something to offer and they know it, the ones I have meet anyway. I have been approached by at least three in the last three months and the invite is damn sure tempting, but I am focused on bigger things right now and I intend to stay that way till I feel they are adequately completed.We all need to be conscious of our fitness, but more importantly conscious of our health. The fountain of youth lies within us, in our actions, food choices, and in our overall way of life. There will always be an excuse why you can't exercise or eat right, the kids, work, school, etc. But those are just excuses, those are a regular part of life. It takes effort people, a desire to want to be better, a yearning to want to do better, an aspiration to want to be an example for others. The human body is an amazing thing, a gift given to us by God and our parents. Take care of it, you just might like the way you look and feel.Only The Strong Survive, The Ghost

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