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Do you ever feel weighed down by the pressures of the world and the things that are going on in your life, especially those things that you can't really talk about with too many people? Secrets, fears, mistakes, taboo desires (oooohh), etc. That was probably a stupid question because I would bet that 90% of the world can relate. I have found that confessing in some shape, form, or fashion is an especially useful method in learning to cope with, accept, or just plain deal with the darker or should I say less favorable facets of our lives. Whether it be to your religious leader, a trust worthy professional acquaintance, an ultra close family member or friend, or just confessing to your God, confession can be helpful in moving forward in life, letting go of the past, or more likely releasing the stress of having things bottled up inside. I don't know what will work for most people, but it has definitely worked for me. Like a cork being popped from a wine bottle.Only the Strong Survive, The Ghost

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