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I was born and raised in the city of Detroit. East and West sides mostly West though, Brightmoor to be exact. I love Detroit it has made me who I am. All of my trial, tribulations, wins, losses, successes and failures has come in this city. In my short 29 years here I have been an eyewitness to the degradation of my neighborhood and may others like it. Witnessed people standing by talking about it yet don't have the courage to do something about it. That my friends is what pisses me off the most. Many people talk bad, downgrade, and criticise the city, yet these same people will roll down their window and throw their trash out onto the street. The same people will drive five miles in the suburbs to find a trash can. Wow! How dumb is that? I wish the citizens of Detroit will wake up and make a individual and group efforts to bring the city back to prosperity. I hear a lot of criticism about the leader's of the city, when I asked those talking "Who did you vote for?" their response is "I didn't vote!" or something similarly dumb for an even dumber reason. I shake my head, its sad. So many before us sacrificed so much for us to have that one single all important right and many of us, too many of us don't even exercise it. However those are the first ones to criticise. Until you are ready to stand up for what is yours or better yet what directly affects you and those you love.......shut the hell up! You have no right to speak on the issues if you are not willing to put forth the effort to be part of the solution. Stop complaining about Detroit if you are not going to help fix the problems. I love my city, I do my part to be part of the solution to help it out of these hard times. Are you a lover of Detroit? If so, are you doing your part to help take care of our city? I hope so, we need everyone to stand up and pitch in.

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