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Letter to Dee 2017


What up my Lil Brother, my Young G, my misunderstood Warrior, my neglected Young Black King!!

I miss you…

Last year you came to me early in the morning, a vivid wide awake dream.

You told me not to mourn you, you gave me a gift of song and told me to sing.

I miss you…

I’ve been singing this whole year. Trying to learn more and evolve to a higher tier.

Our story is fucked up, but not unique, I’ve been dissecting the circumstances that put us here.

That study has my mind in shambles, the intense process ignites my emotions like a burning candle.

I reign in the pain and remember what you told me,

I’m supposed to be singing I’ve a mission to handle.

Still working to break the cycle, that promise I can’t deny you.

The first major change took place down in the Louisiana Bayou.

I made Selena the Queen, the 1st pieces of the dream team,

in this cold world creating the BLACK dream

Thanks for the pep talk while we jogged and walked the morning of 07-27-17

What’s important in life has changed, focus is clear, nothings the same, the feeling’s weird I can’t explain My patience is nil for stupid shit, no time for lames and grown folks and their childish games.

Nephew is home, but his energy is in the wrong place, you told me to keep him close don’t let him stray, it’s getting harder every day slowly he’s drifting away,

I can’t figure out how to reach him, what to teach him, or even what to say. Outside influences are strong, you AP being repeated the young dude is crushing my soul, making my heart ache and burn.

My mind and heart are conflicted one saying fuck it and let him learn, the other saying go embrace him and save him, and get him back, the family don’t need no more bad news or urns…

I need your voice, in this battle alone, feel like I’m drowning in water, ending the cycle is a tall order

You for me, me for you! You will always be my motivation, every day I take a moment for you and sing. Then reflect on the tribulations that are the foundation of our condition. Then twist’em, flip’em adjust the mission, with a refined vision to create a safe net and provisions so the next generation of Parker children won’t have to live the kind of life that we had to deal with. I’m still singing…

I’m still singing Lil Bro. The song will never stop! LOL it’s on repeat, a continuous loop for eternity.

A’Darius L. Parker

01/05/1985 - 12/19/2004

You are Always Loved and will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!!

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