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Alpha males and women...where are they? pt 1

A friend of mine gave me some food for thought earlier. She said "Alpha males always stand out amongst the pack" referring to me as an Alpha male. After reading her comment my mind began to wonder....... Where are the Alpha males in the black community?Most of us in the big cities of the north have family that originated in the south. Most of us have heard stories of the Big Mommas and Grand Daddy's that were head of the families back in the days. Big Momma was a force to be reckoned with. She didn't play no games. The disciplinarian; gave the meaning to what it was to get an ass kicking, gave the best comfort, issued the best homemade remedies, made the best Sunday dinners, and offered the best advice about life. She was the Alpha woman.Then there was Grand Dad. Strong, wise, honest, hard working, a mans man. Also a disciplinarian, who only administered a whipping when he absolutely had to. His words and look was enough to set most kids and adults for that matter straight, but we all have a June Bug in our family tree somewhere, the bad seed. He was the alpha male! When he spoke even Big Momma listened. Not in a male ego chauvinistic kind of way but in a I know you are the leader and I am second in command and we lead this family together kind of way.There was a hierarchy. Everyone in the family had a position, duties, and role to play. That's why it worked. Big Momma didn't do Grand Dads job and he didn't do hers and neither of them did the children's job.Nowadays this concept is virtually non-existent. Our young men and women for the most part are not mentally equipped for the task. Not all but most, cant even grasp the idea of what it means to be a leader and bear a burden of responsibility. The family structure of our communities are fading faster than they are being created. The blame can be spread out all over the place but in the end its our individual decisions that make our current situation a reality. This is Part 1 of this topic. To be continued...........

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