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Letter to Dee 2018

What it do my First Born Blood Brother, Guardian of my spirit, Eternal keeper of my essence, I love you!

Your spirit still ignites my soul, and lights my way, from across the realm of the living and the eternally blessed, I love you!

Your ghost has been prickling my ears, your whispers have been loud and clear, I heard them.

I’m out of the rain, I’m leaving the pain, it will no longer be a hidden burden.

It took me all these years and guidance from your spirit for me to stand up to these childhood fears.

I had to unlock the hidden trunk and face all the issues, the shit brought me to tears.

You were right, the task was tall, the path was long, and the denial was real.

You knew the truth, I had to crack it open, break it down like a pound in order for my soul to rebuild.

Most men won’t do it, won’t face it. I have no choice, I had to rewrite my fate, I want my life to be great.

You urged me to recognize my truths, my lies, my gifts, my flaws, change my gait and embrace my grace.

You told me to apologize to Lena for the times of being so recluse, washy and wishy.

Because you know fast or slow that she’s the only one that's not blood truly riding with me.

It is written, it’s our time, first of a new era, the Parkers on top,

She has the power to be my rock, rock, rock, rock, rock… Ha, Ha, Ha that’s her jam

Najah is my heart, her aura is amazing, she is beautiful.

When I look at her, with certain facial expressions I see a glimpse of you.

She adds to my essence when I’m in her presence, her lifeforce is pure and true.

She doesn’t even know what is does for me when she speaks of you.

She was only a year and a few months when you left, yet she talks like yall are old friends,

She be like, “tell me a story about your childhood.” And as she laughs, like, “Uncle Dee is my mans”

It fills my heart and quells the pain, your spirit doing exactly what a brother’s keeper is supposed to.

My Dog I love you, I won’t fall to the struggle, even from the heavens Its you for me and me for you!

My eyes are open bro, I see the prize. I feel your spirit, it didn’t die,

fueling the flame, still on the rise… Legacy

A’Darius L. Parker

01-05-1985 ~ 12-19-2004

Always Loved, Never Forgotten

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