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Letter to Dee 2015

What up my Brother, my pure blood Black King, my Comrade, my Rider,

One of the few men I’ve ever loved, these years seem to be moving past faster.

My heart is heavy when I think of you, my mind is moving slow like molasses.

I’ve been writing you this letter for 12 months, for the first two I kept writing “Letter to D” then stop, I couldn’t get passed it.

A part of me is still broken, accepting the reality of what has happened, It’s been 11 years since the tragic madness,

that moment is engraved on my mental canvas…

Let me breathe...

This letter is my apology to you, in no way is it up for discussion.

You for me, me for you. We were there for each other when everyone else wasn’t.

I should have held you close to my chest, I know these streets are greasy

You had love for dudes and broads who didn’t earn it, I told you, but you didn’t believe me…

You looked to me for guidance, support, approval, our mutual benevolence I dropped the ball on that bro! I chose the wrong time to let you learn that lesson…

Let me breathe…

It was too soon, you were happy to be home, too excited by freedom to see the snakes clearly.

Dudes got good talk and chicks got good walks, it’s all part of their learned trickery.

They talk of honor and respect, claim they stand for love and loyalty but don’t truly fulfil the concepts.

I taught you those things early in life you embodied them all, it was part of your mindset.

So again I apologize, through social media, my mental revolution is televised,

I should have been a better version at that time of the man you idolized,

my heart is emotionally terrorized, my love for you is immortal it will never die,

your spirit and your character is canonized.

Let me breathe…I apologize.

Always Loved, Never Forgotten One of the few men I’ve ever loved. I miss you.

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