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"I tried, but it’s not happening fast enough.”

“I tried, but it’s too hard.”

“I tried, but I don’t have the time.”

The reasons, excuses, and hurdles of self-doubt are endless. We, as individuals, are our own worst critic, enemy, and highest hurdle. Although AWOLF is a fitness organization, this statement relates to virtually every realm of our lives. I heard a saying the other day that goes, “The graveyard is rich with dreams, inventions, goals, and philosophies that the world will never know.” Why? Because the people who had them did not fulfill them.

One of the most difficult parts of any journey is taking the first step, the first pen stroke, the first key press. However, once that step has been taken, that pen stroked, that key pressed, the doors to your success are opened. Then it’s time to switch it up, be your own biggest supporter, inspiration, and motivator! Find people who nurture your goals and push you to accomplish them.

AWOLF seeks to be a catalyst for change in the way our clients live their lives. We promote clean eating, healthy activities, and a life of prosperity and longevity. A Way of Life Fitness, LLC is an organization dedicated to teaching techniques and sharing philosophies on fitness, healthy eating habits, and positive progress in life. Our goal is to make quality fitness, healthy living, and prosperity not a fad or trend, but A WAY OF LIFE!

Welcome to the AWOLF blog

P.S. The other posts on here are from my earlier days of writing and self-searching. AWOLF has transitioned me to another direction in life. However, the older posts are here for your enjoyment so you can get a bit of a glimpse of me. Read up, and leave a comment.

Thank you,


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